Welcome to Enviro Town.
Enviro Town is an exciting, interactive, role playing, simulation that will actively engage all your students!

Enviro Town is a complete Educational package about Environmental Sustainability:
It has loads of background and clearly defined planning information, with editable worksheets and can be integrated across the curriculum.

For a look at the worksheets - please click HERE

What are the main advantages? 
Firstly, it will SAVE you hours of PLANNING and PREPARATION TIME!!

It has been designed by teachers, each with twenty-five years experience.

It is topical because it examines both the positive and negative impacts of Urban Development and Population Growth on the environment in which we live.

It is descriptive and allows the teacher flexibility to select the approach and determine the depth of the issues investigated.

" They are shown a world in microcosm. Everything they require is provided. They want for nothing and need nothing. The class is divided into groups based on real-life Occupations, which they thoroughly investigate to determine their role in their 'world' - Projects are offered each week, and teachers are equipped with valuable background information which will assist in directing the research and investigation to be undertaken by the students.. ..."

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